About This Site

About This Site

This web site is provided primarily as a resource for members of Up With People’s Cast A 1995-96. This site allows us to keep in contact with each other over the years, and provide a way for us to post updates about our lives.

If you are a cast member, you may log in to view personal information for the other cast members. If you are not a cast member, but you still wish to contact someone from Cast A, please visit the Cast Member section, and fill out a contact form. Your message will be emailed to the cast member in question. Click here to visit the Cast Member section.

Hard Workers

The following cast members have dedicated their time and energy into maintaining an online community for the cast. Big thanks go to them for volunteering to help the keep memories of our year alive and to make sure we don't lose touch. Click their names to visit their profile and view their contact information.


The Cast A 1995-1996 Webteam takes no responsibilities for linked pages. We are doing our best to conform to the various international copyright and data protection laws. Should we still have made a mistake in that regard, please contact the webteam.